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Eightyone is not
a Restaurant
But an Experience.

The spice added as a hidden taste to the food served on a dish may bring back vivid memories of childhood. The aroma of a glass of wine may invite you to a town in a foreign country that you have never been before. The dish prepared with fruits and meat superbly brought together, may bring out an exhilaration of unexpected taste.

With your heart moved by surprise and your cheeks loosened by nostalgia, you want to tell someone about what appears to be an illusion on your table.

The taste and the aroma of the food, the way it is presented on the dish, the texture and the sound... Food is what you savor with your five senses. We want the food at 81 to not only fascinate your five senses, but to also stimulate the very depth that lies beyond the five senses.

We aim to sharpen the sense that lies far beyond the five senses - in the space between fantasy and reality.

Here is the place where our customers feel for certain that they are alive by eating our food.

Memento Mori - What is being experienced in our small jet black dining room that conjures up the image of death, is Life itself in all its brilliance.