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Eightyone is not
a Restaurant
But an Experience.

The subtle spice of hidden ingredient,
can vividly revive a childhood memory.
The aroma of a glass of wine,
can be an invitation to a faraway land.
The unexpected marriage of flesh and fruit,
can evoke an euphoric elation of the senses.
Wonder to move one's heart,
Nostalgia to entice a smile,
Table-top illusions to be shared with the world.
Flavour, Fragrance, Presentation, Texture, Sound
Cuisine is enjoyed with the five senses.
At 81 we strive not only to stimulate the five senses,
but to reach a greater depth beyond
a heightened sensitivity to the coalescence of fantasy and reality.
This is a place where food makes tangible the sense of being alive.
Memento mori
in a small room jet black as death,
One witnesses vibrant life.